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Concrete Tuff Tiles & Hollow & Solid Blocks Making Machinery:

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KM.MUGHAL’s fly ash bricks making plant, as well as Blocks & tiles making machines have been immensely consistent and dependable passing through various international quality parameters. Our fly ash bricks producing Plants are manufactured under the supervision of technical expertise as per the global standard. We have created a vast demand for our precision-engineered products.
We provide a variety of concrete Blocks & Tiles Making plants and cement fly ash bricks which can be operated Manually, Semi-automatically, and Automatically. Concrete fly ash bricks, blocks & Tiles Making plants are equipped with batching system, mixing system, block machine, handling system including Electric Panels, Electric Valves, Hydraulic system, and can produce Edged-Stone, Curb-Stone, Standard bricks, Hollow Blocks, and solid blocks, flyash bricks, cement bricks, concrete bricks, pavers (paving stones), revetments, retaining wall blocks and other construction and civil engineering materials.
Our Concrete block machines & fly ash bricks making machines are divided into three categories: The Manual operation plants Model KM-6 & KM-12 which are cost-effective for a small number of fly ash bricks and blocks & Tiles. The second is Semi-Automatic plant Model KM-15 fly ash bricks and Concrete Blocks & Tiles Making Machine which is widely used in Pakistan for medium quantity. However, Fully-automatic is Model KM-24, KM-28 & above. Which is highly used for a large number of fly ash bricks and Blocks & Tiles and designed with regard to the handling system, the Manual series mainly use the Loader/Unloader/Transfer car system, while the automatic series usually use the Elevator/Lowerator /Finger Car system.
The dimensions and quantities of fly ash bricks and Concrete Hollow Blocks, Concrete Solid Blocks & Curb-Stone and Tiles that can be produced by a specific Plant are determined by the concrete blocks making plant’s pallet size (working area) and maximum block height.
“K.M MUGHAL 3 STAR ENGINEERING WORKS” Keeps the tent of making its customers to get benefits at the maximum level for going forward hand-in-hand and striving for developments together.
The Silent features:

  1. High Speed.
  2. Corrosion Resistant.
  3. Safe Operations.
  4. Hydraulic Systems.
  5. Highest PSI of Finished Product.
  6. Low Maintenance.

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Concrete KM-Paver Plants

KM-12 fly ash bricks, concrete Blocks & Tiles making plant

KM-12 Manual fly ash bricks and concrete Pavers Tiles or Blocks Plant KM-12 Model production capacity of fly ash bricks plant is 10-pcs of a standard brick. 12 paver tiles in one minute or in 2 cycles of production. Hydraulic system, Highest pressure Rate with strong vibration. Good manganite steel for mold and machines structure

KM-15DT Automatic flyash bricks, tuff tiles & Blocks Making unit

Automatic KM-15 Double Trolley fly ash bricks, concrete Hollow Blocks, and Tuff Tiles making Machinery Model KM-15 Automatic fly ash bricks, concrete bricks, cement bricks, Hollow Blocks, Paver Tiles, Tuff Tiles, Bricks, & concrete Solid Blocks Making Machine. KM-15 Double Layer is a large fly ash bricks concrete block machine that can give production of

KM-15ST Fly ash bricks, Concrete Blocks & Tiles Plant

Semi-Automatic KM-15 single Trolley fly ash bricks, Concrete Tuff Tiles, and Blocks production machinery Semi-Automatic fly ash bricks, cement bricks, concrete solid bricks, Hollow Blocks & Paver Tiles Making Plant with the Medium Production Capacity of 15 pcs of standard brick on one pallet. 30 pcs of rectangle brick of concrete material can be produced

KM-28 Automatic fly ash bricks & Hollow Blocks, tiles plant

Model KM-28 Double Layer Fully Automatic Concrete Blocks Making Plant KM 24 Model is Upgraded into KM-28 Fully Automatic Machine Model KM-28 of Double Trolley plant especially manufacture for the huge quantity of colorized brick and tuff tiles as well as paver tiles. Complete machine contain: Any design mould. ( Tuff tiles Blocks ) Electric

KM-28 semi automatic Blocks & Fly ash bricks machine

Huge Production of fly ash bricks & Concrete Blocks making Plant Model KM-28 Semi automatic Model KM-28 Single Trolley semi-automatic production capacity is 28 pcs of fly ash brick in 30 sec. 2 pallets of fly ash bricks in one mint with 60 pcs of production in cycles. A complete plant is available with: Two

KM-6 Fly Ash Bricks & Paver Tiles Making plant

KM-6 is a Manual Hydraulic plant for fly ash Bricks, Tuff Tiles, and Blocks making unit. KM-6 Manual Used in small scales that is able to producing concrete Hollow Blocks, fly ash bricks, Solid Blocks, Tuff Tiles, Paver Tiles as well as Edged Stones, Curb Stones and many more concrete items. Fly Ash Bricks, Curb

KM-Batching Plant

KM-Concrete Mixer

KM-Hopper System

KM-Pan Mixer

KM-stocker system