KM-15ST Fly ash bricks, Concrete Blocks & Tiles Plant

KM-15ST Fly ash bricks, Concrete Blocks & Tiles Plant

Semi-Automatic KM-15 single Trolley fly ash bricks, Concrete Tuff Tiles, and Blocks production machinery

Semi-Automatic fly ash bricks, cement bricks, concrete solid bricks, Hollow Blocks & Paver Tiles Making Plant with the Medium Production Capacity of 15 pcs of standard brick on one pallet. 30 pcs of rectangle brick of concrete material can be produced in one minute or in two production cycle.
This machine adopts four pole guiding mode to guarantee the accuracy of the movement of mould and tamper head. The machine uses the vibration table to compress the raw material into semi-product. Uses 360┬░multi-shaft rotating and compulsory feeding, which has the advantages of short cycle time, high production capacity, high quality of concrete block and great accuracy in size.

  1. One mould according to customer preference.
  2. Hydraulic Tank with a motor of 15hp (without hydraulic oil).
  3. 24 feet Conveyor Belt with motor & Gear for Raw-Material Shifter.
  4. One beg Mixer machine with 15HP motor & Gear.
  5. Roller Conveyor of 6″-6 inches long.
  6. Control panel to operate the machine.
  7. One Concrete Aggregates Bucket system
  8. Hopper door open & close with the hydraulic system.
  9. Automatic pallets feeder with hydraulic jacks.
  10. Grounding Blots to fitting machine on foundation.

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