Models & Designs

Models & Designs

“KM.MUGHAL 3 STARS ENGINEERING WORKS” manufactures a variety of moulds that ensure HI-Quality and long life with Carbon Steel & MS-Steel as per customers’ requirements.

High Precision:

Design by CAD, CNC-machining, and strict quality-control ensure precise dimensions of mould.

Long Life:

High-quality material and strict heat treatment ensure long life of moulds.

Various Moulds:

KM.MUGHAL supplies moulds not only for traditional concrete products such as concrete bricks, blocks, paving stones, but also for emerging products for environmental protection such as various plant blocks.

Mould Designs name:
  • Bricks (standard Designed)
  • Hexagon Deep Bevel 5”
  • Hollow Blocks.
  • Solid Blocks.
  • Edging Stone.
  • Pavers, interlocking.
  • L Krab Blocks
  • Curbstones.
  • City Paver.
  • Cobble Paver.
  • Grass blocks.
  • Quadra Paver
  • Rectangles.

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